Off and running in 2018

We started out 2018 with 12 players entering our first tournament of the year. Tom Perry took 1st in the tournament, Peter Abbott 2nd and William Womack won the consolation.

For 2018 we have made a small change to out points system for the leaderboard to place a bit more emphasis on placing in the tournament. Check out the  Tournaments and Leaderboard page for details and current standings.

We are also considering adopting the new USBGF tournament rules this year. You should be getting an email soon containing a survey on the new rules as well as some other questions that will help us improve the club experience.

We are also looking at some weekend get together’s this year, keep a watch on your inbox for announcements.

2016 Final Leaderboard

The 2016 Final Leaderboard is posted. William Womack (53.90 points) finished at the top of the board. Dennis Hajewsk (51.50 points) finished second on points but Dennis and William had identical tournament wins, seconds, and consolation wins, each participating in 18 tournaments and each winning 4, taking 3 seconds, and 2 consolations.

Peter Abbott finished third with 48.70 points. Peter’s winning record was almost the same as the top two players, with 4 wins, 2 seconds, and 2 consolations.

Leaderboard 2016 Final