Our meetings are held every Wednesday at Rounding Third, 6317 W Bluemound Rd, Milwaukee. Start time is 6:30 pm, but there is usually some informal play going on earlier. We also encourage you to have dinner at Rounding Third to help support our host.

Open play nights are the second and fourth Wednesdays. Open play nights are great for newer players who would like to learn more about the game from an experienced player or enjoy some casual play. More experienced players can put together a chouette or pair off for heads up play.

Tournaments are held on the first and third ( and fifth if there is one) Wednesdays of each month.

Tournament Information

Our tournaments include a Main Flight and a Consolation Flight, guaranteeing everyone who enters at least two 5-point matches. Time constraints don’t allow for a progressive consolation format, so only first-round losers go to the Consolation Flight. Odd numbers in any round will leave some players without an opponent that round. They will receive byes, but a bye doesn’t count as a won match. Players with byes might have a bit of a wait, but will still be guaranteed two matches.

Entry fee $6, with $1 going toward club expenses and the remainder awarded to the winners: 50% to 1st, 25% to 2nd, and 25% to Consolation winner. If 6 players enter, we will use a double-elimination format, with 75% to 1st and 25% to 2nd. (Tournaments will not be conducted with less than 4 players.)

For newer players there is also a free entry option for tournament entry. If you choose this option you will not receive any cash payout should you finish in a cashing position but will still be award points and be include in the leaderboard. Players that have finished in cashing positions (first or 2nd in the main, consolation winner) 3 times are not eligible for free entry.

We run our tournaments according to a modified version of the US Backgammon Federation Rules Club Rules.

Points and Leaderboard

Throughout the year we maintain a friendly competition within the club in the form on a leaderboard that shows points earned for each tournament you play in. At the end of the year the person with the highest number of points is recognized as the club Player of the Year.

Leaderboard points are awarded as follows:

  • 1 point for each tournament entered
  • 1 point for each main bracket match one
  • 0.8 points for each consolation bracket win, or win after a loss in double elimination format.
  • Bonus points are awarded for first and second place in the main and the consolation winner as follows:
    • 6-9 Players
      • 2 pts main win
      • 1 pt, 2nd and consolation
    • 10-18 Players
      • 3 pts main win
      • 1.5 pts 2nd and consolation
    • 19 or more Players
      • 4 pts main win
      • 2 pts 2nd and consolation