Free Tournament Entry Option

We realize that newer players may wish to play in tournaments but are hesitant to pay an entry fee. This year we are offering an option to enter tournaments for free. You will still earn points and be placed on the leaderboard, but if you finish in a cashing position (1st, 2nd or Consolation Win) you will not receive a cash payout. Once you finish in a cashing position in 3 tournaments you will no longer be eligible for free entry.

New Leaderboard

You will see a few changes in the presentation of the leaderboard this year. An abbreviated version of the leaderboard showing only the players and number points will be on our home page along with the results of the last tournament. The detailed leaderboard and tournament results for the year will still be available along with a new feature called Head to Head, which shows the results of every match from every tournament played during the year.

Opening Rolls

One of the things we have noticed is that newer players often struggle with playing the opening roll. The playing of the opening roll has been extensively analyzed and the correct play(s) for each  is well established.

A good brief overview of opening moves can be found at Don’t let the name of the site or the associated book deter you, it is a very good resources on the basics of backgammon.

If you do nothing else read this brief introduction and learn the opening moves for the various rolls, there are only 15 possible opening rolls so it is not that big of a task, and many of the plays are obvious once you see them.