Our tournaments include a Main Flight and a Consolation Flight, guaranteeing everyone who enters at least two 5-point matches. Time constraints don’t allow for a progressive consolation format, so only first-round losers go to the Consolation Flight. Odd numbers in any round will leave some players without an opponent that round. They will receive byes, but a bye doesn’t count as a won match. Players with byes might have a bit of a wait, but will still be guaranteed two matches.

Entry fee $6, with $1 going toward club expenses and the remainder awarded to the winners: 50% to 1st, 25% to 2nd, and 25% to Consolation winner. If only 6 players enter, we will use a double-elimination format, with 75% to 1st and 25% to 2nd. (Tournaments will not be conducted with less than 4 players.)

We run our tournaments according to a modified version of the US Backgammon Federation Rules Club Rules.

Leaderboard points are award as follows:

1 Point for tournament entry

1 Point for each match win in main bracket

0.8 Points for each match win in consolation bracket (or after loss in double elimination)

Bonus points:

4-9 player tournaments:  2 points for 1st, 1 point for 2nd and Consolation winner

10-18 player tournaments: 3 points for 1st, 1.5 points for 2nd and Consolation winner

19 or more: 4 points for 1st, 2 points for 2nd and Consolation winner


Tournament Results

2018 Final Leader Board and Results

2017 Final Leaderboard and Results
2016 Final Leaderboard

2015 Final Leaderboard